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Nina Kincaid from Westerlay Orchids

The Definitive Solution Cleaning Wipes are always the first thing I use on our printers when the labels are printing cloudy. I use them weekly, as it’s a quick way to improve print quality. I would recommend this product to other users in the industry.

— Nina Kincaid from Westerlay Orchids

western bagel

We’ve been using for about a year “The Definitive Solution” for cleaning barcode printers in the bakery and in the office. This is a great product, as nothing we’ve found over the years cleans as easily and as effectively. The single-use package is necessary in the bakery where bottles of fluids are not allowed, and it’s convenient in the office.

— Bill Gallagher from Western Bagel

pharma pac

Having used the Definitive Solution Cleaning Wipes for the past year, we have found them to be the most effective cleaners of everything else we have tried. They clean better and quicker, consequently saving a lot of time in cleaning our printheads and label paths.

— Leonard Lutz from Pharma Pac

I do like this product and use it daily/weekly to clean the printers that the labels and ribbon run through. They help my printer to function properly and that is time and money saved!

— Diane Roman Honeyville Grain