Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

We have done our best to anticipate and answer your questions about The Definitive Solution Cleaning wipes on this page. However, if you have other questions please feel free to give us a call at 805-304-0162, or use ourĀ contact page to reach us.

Why should I clean my printhead?

To protect your investment – the average print head costs $500 to replace, but by regularly cleaning your printhead you can extend its life. Also, cleaning your printhead reduces costly service calls and insures quality printing of labels and Bar Codes every time!

How often should I use the Definitive Solution Cleaning Wipes to clean my printhead?

We recommend cleaning your printhead after each ribbon change (once a week on average), or anytime you are experiencing poor quality printing.

Why does the Definitive Solution work better than simple alcohol based cleaning kits?

First of all, they actually work and get the job done because they are so much stronger than simple alcohol solutions. Second, they are easy to use, just open the package and remove the wipe, unfold, then fold in half twice, apply moderate even pressure to the printhead while moving it side to side. Our patented solution has dissolving capability and is safe for the workplace. And third, Definitive Solution Cleaning Wipes are environmentally safe.

What type of machines and printers do they work best on?

We have developed the Definitive Solution Cleaning Wipes especially for use on Thermal Transfer Printers, as well as Direct Thermal Bar Code Printers. They are also essential for use with Print and Apply machines. Though these wipes actually work well on all sorts of equipment and will work perfectly on your home or office printers also.

Do you offer Printer Repair?

No, Definitive Solution does not do printer repair, however, using the Definitive Solution Cleaning Wipes will probably SAVE you a lot of time and money on your printer repairs in the first place.

What brand printers do they work best with?

All major brand printers, including; Sato, Zebra, Intermec, Source Technology, Printronics, TEC Toshiba, NEC, IBM, Monarch, Avery, Datamax, Noex, TSC, Tharo and others.

Can I buy the Definitive Solution Cleaning Wipes through my current label company?

Yes, we offer the product through hundreds of Label and Printer Companies around the world. Reach out to your label company directly to find out if they carry DS Cleaning Kits. If not, ask them to contact us if they would like to become a reseller.