Save Money with DS Cleaning Kits, inc.

With the average cost of a replacement printhead starting at $500, cleaning your printhead on a regular basis is critical and will save you money. We suggest you clean your printhead and platen roller once per week or every time you replace your ribbon, it will extend the life of your printhead.

A gummed-up printer before cleaning with Definitive Solution printer cleaning wipes

After printer cleaning with Definitive Solution cleaning wipes

The printhead is the most critical component of your printer and one of the most delicate. Most print quality problems are a direct result of improper care of the printhead. A consumable that wears over time, much like the brakes on your car, it requires proper installation and ongoing maintenance to ensure a long life of service for your thermal or barcode printer.

Maximizing printhead life is important to users of thermal printing technology because it reduces printhead replacement costs and increases productivity. With proper installation, ongoing careful attention, and cleaning with The Definitive Solution kit wipe, you can maximize the life of a printhead, saving you downtime and money. It’s simple!

People in the label printing industry need this product. They just don’t know it exists yet. Once they use the product, and see how well it works, they reorder over and over again. In most cases, persons currently using this product will get up to double the life span on their printhead, a $500 item! This is an amazing investment of only $38 on a 25 unit box of Definitive Solution Cleaning Wipes. People need this product to protect their investment, save big money with reduced down time and especially insuring great print quality and readable bar codes every time.

John Nacsa, Founder
DS Cleaning Kits, Inc.