9. “The One With Unagi” (Season 6, episode 17)

If Phoebe and Rachel possessed more Unagi, they’dnot have been so shaken by Ross’ jump scare.


Any die-hard buddies fan understands that “One will need to have total understanding to protect oneself, ” or Ross’ secret weapon, Unagi, that he garnered over many years of karate classes. In real early-aughts fashion, Phoebe effectively rocks a bandana as Ross tests her and Rachel in a few cringeworthy fake assaults. This list may as well be called “David Schwimmer provided 110% work to Ross’ most unhinged moments. ”

8. “The One Where Ross is okay” (Season 10, episode 2)

See? He Is tooootally fine. Perhaps maybe maybe Not troubled by Joey and Rachel’s relationship after all.


In a plot line that appears like a strange Hail Mary from a alternative world, Ross kisses Charlie, Joey’s ex-girlfriend, and Joey kisses Rachel, Ross’s ex-girlfriend. Chaos ensues as Ross, whom insists he’s “fine, ” invites one other brand brand new couple over for a dual date. Ross is indeed demonstrably bugged by Joey and Rachel’s coupling which he gets too drunk off their own batch of margaritas and provides a memorable toast, similar to Nat King Cole’s “L-O-V-E. ”

7. “The One With Ross’s Tan” (period 10, episode 3)

That tee that is yellow makes Ross’ tan pop music.


This episode employs comedic game at the cost of Ross, also it works flawlessly. Ross gets a spray tan, and after three mishaps in numerous tanning stands, he could be four tones darker than he’d prepared become. Viewing Ross get sprayed by their archnemesis the tanning nozzle never gets old, additionally the proven fact that their tan is painfully uneven makes it better yet.

6. “The One aided by the Prom Video” (period 2, episode 14)

Simply away from framework could be the mayonnaise that Monica inadvertently smeared on Rachel’s neck.


This episode inaugurates the flashback sequences within the close Friends world by way of a property movie of Monica, Rachel, and also by expansion, Ross, while they have prepared to prom. (raise your voice to Ross’ bold mustache along with his music job that never ever ended up being. ) After witnessing present-time Ross and Rachel share a separate kiss when they begin to see the movie, Phoebe utters those words that comprise the few’s 10-season, on-again, off-again love tale: “See? He’s her lobster. ”

5. “The One Using The Embryos” (period 4, episode 12)

That would’ve believed that Monica’s pet peeve that is biggest had been pets dressed as people?


Ross mediates and judges A jeopardy-style competition that tests Rachel and Monica’s understanding of Chandler and Joey — and vice versa. Audiences have a better glance at the complexities of this people in the gang because they contemplate the some certainly adult milestones: Phoebe’s artificial insemination and ultimate surrogacy of her brother’s young ones. The overall game additionally introduced audiences to Chandler’s ultimate alter-ego, Ms. Chanandaler Bong.

4. “The One Where everyone Finds Out” (Season 5, episode 14)

It is usually more intimate when both ongoing events keep their eyes eerily available.


We had to hold back 15 entire episodes to finally see Chandler and Monica get general public due to their relationship, which quickly becomes the strongest partnership within the Friends world on the staying five periods. Absolutely Nothing feels much better than seeing Chandler and Monica profess their love for every other in the front of Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, as well as an ecstatic studio audience — specially after Phoebe and Chandler share a kiss similar to Michael and Oscar’s in the workplace.

3. “The One With Joey’s New Brain” (period 7, episode 15)

Does anybody understand Ross’ hourly price for wedding shows? Requesting a buddy.


The primary plot of the episode is the fact that Joey is asked to semi-reprise their part of Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our everyday lives after their longtime character receives a mind transplant. Meanwhile, Ross attempts to persuade Monica and Chandler to allow him have fun with the bagpipes within their wedding — a minute that climaxes with Ross“Celebration that is almost playing by Kool additionally the Gang, eliciting genuine responses through the Friends cast. Watch the bagpipes performance on your own so you’ll understand just why this can be episode within the top three, and in addition Lisa Kudrow’s favorite episode.

2. “The One Where Ross Finds Out” (Season 2, episode 7)

Ross and Rachel would carry on to break up and then make up around 200 times following this minute.


In the event that you truly believe Ross is Rachel’s lobster, then this episode brought delighted rips to your eyes. Smack dab in the exact middle of the show’s season that is second whenever Rachel nevertheless works at Central Perk, she’s closing up shop and a lovestruck Ross goes into. Because of the lights down low, the strain involving the two is palpable. He storms out, after which comes back just over time for the two to (finally) kiss when it comes to time that is first. Also it’s into the pouring rain!

1. “The One because of the Proposal” (component 2) (Season 6, episode 25)

They truly are crying, i am crying, all of us are crying.


Monica and Chandler got down on a single leg to propose to one another a complete 19 years before Angel and Papi made it happen regarding the POSE Season 2 finale. It absolutely was a proposition that showcased the way in which the show’ article article writers could actually produce this type of dynamic and heartfelt relationship between your two characters: “ I thought I said or where I said it that it mattered what. I crucial link quickly discovered the one thing that really matters is than I ever thought i possibly could be. Which you make me personally happier” Perry delivers those lines by having an amount that is immense of and care, to such an extent that when Monica and Chandler weren’t your OTP prior to, they undoubtedly are now.