“Recipe for a great Wife has all the components necessary to make a web page story that is turning you’ll not like to pay. Rife with secrets, intricate storylines, and compelling characters?not to point out a recipe when it comes to perfect meatloaf?Karma Brown’s latest is just a tasty read this cold weather. ” ? Marisa Gothie, Bookseller, Wilmington, DE

After reluctantly making new york when it comes to suburbs, newlywed Alice struggles with moving functions in the home and attaining domestic bliss in a brand new fixer-upper. Whenever she discovers a vintage cookbook in her own cellar, the attraction of cooking up Baked Alaska and Chicken a los angeles King quickly leads her in to the darker tale associated with the girl whom used your house, unfolding in records tucked in to the guide. As Alice discovers striking parallels between this woman’s life along with her very own, this woman is finally forced to concentrate on the trajectory of her very own life, questioning the building blocks of her wedding and exactly exactly what this means to be always a spouse fighting on her behalf destination in a society that is patriarchal.

This mesmerizing double narrative of a woman that is modern-day a quintessential 1950s housewife are at as soon as witty and charming and dark and sinister?much like its concentrate characters.