Don’t mess with the Ohio Casino Control Act, the Ohio Administrative Code, or the Casino Internal Controls into the ‘Birthplace of Aviation’ state; they’re viewing you, and watching you closely. This year with fines for not doing things the kosher way so the swank Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland is finding out, after being hit for a second time.

The fine that is first a slot machine being released to the casino with unapproved pc software; which was just a $15,000 hit, which up to a casino, would be just like a cop giving you a ticket for a penny. But now, the price is going up, after multiple additional and random violations were reported, now the slap has moved to a spank with a total of $180,000.

Various Violations

Among the odd melange of wrongdoings were utilizing dice from unapproved vendors in Fortune Pai Gow poker; encouraging cocktail waitresses to come right into restricted game pit areas; removing, storing and shipping three slot machines along with their software (no indication of to whom or why this is wrong); and…drum roll, please…the worst sin a casino can perpetrate: failing to are the hotline contact number on their ‘When the Fun Stops’ problem gambling adverts. Whoops.

Senior V.P. Not Extremely Concerned

The Horseshoe’s Senior V.P. and manager that is general Marcus Glover, wasn’t exceptionally apologetic about any one of it, simply saying that ‘[we] have taken acti