Gender, Migration, and Post-Soviet Nation-State Building, first Edition

By Cinzia D. Solari

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In the arms of Grandmothers is a worldwide ethnography of Ukrainian migration that is transnational. Gendered migrant subjectivities are really a site that is key comprehending the creation of neoliberal capitalism and Ukrainian nation-state building, a fraught process that places Ukraine precariously between European countries and Russia with dramatic implications when it comes to political economy associated with the area. Nevertheless, procedures of sex and migration that undergird transnational nation-state building need further attention. Solari compares two habits of Ukrainian migration: the “forced” exile of middle-aged females, most grandmothers, to Italy together with “voluntary” exodus of families, led by the cohort that is same of females, towards the united states of america. These migrants are caregivers to the elderly in both receiving sites.

Making use of in-depth interviews and ethnographic information gathered in three nations, Solari implies that Ukrainian nation-state building does occur transnationally. She examines the collective methods of migrants that are building the “new” Ukraine from the exterior in and shaping both Italy plus the United States as well. The Ukrainian state, in purchase to fulfil its First World aspirations of joining European countries and distancing it self from things Soviet, is pursuing a gendered reorganization of household and work structures to realize a change from socialism to capitalism.