Using the spouse associated with the Ambassador of Uzbekistan in Ukraine, Ms. Gulnoza Abdualyeva, when you look at the rubric Lady International Club, we have been speaking not just about relationship and historic ties between our individuals, but additionally about Ukrainian fashion and Uzbek cuisine that is national…

Exactly what are the primary functions of Ambassador’s spouse, specially within the sphere of cultural and general public diplomacy?

— The many essential purpose of the Ambassador’s wife would be to produce conditions for the complete and fruitful work for the Ambassador. Another primary function is to come with the Ambassador during different occasions and, needless to say, the Ambassador and his spouse will be the face for the country. Consequently, my function that is main is just like my husband’s one – to express our nation. And also this pertains to those occasions that are foreseen because of the structure regarding the activities for cultural and general public diplomacy.

You will find groups that unite wives of ambassadors and spouses of influential politicians. Do you really check out clubs that are such?

— we attempt to see them pretty much frequently. We go to the Club, which unites just wives that are ambassadorial. Additionally, there clearly was the IWK (International Women Club), i really do perhaps perhaps maybe not check out it so frequently, because it has many interesting activities although I try to go there. Additionally, this club is quite great for females – foreigners to set up their free time. At the least with the aid of this club, i’ve found the college of ceramics, that I have already been visiting when it comes to 4th 12 months in a line, and I also have a fantastic pleasure from having the ability to do different ceramic products.